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My name is Austin Tutor, and I am a videographer and entrepreneur. My educational background is in Management Information Systems.

My videography company is Vivid Videography (Instagram @vividvideography). Here is a link to my latest project.

I also own a professional basketball agency which represent over 40 players in the NBA and around the world, a digital marketing agency, an authentic taco truck in Knoxville, and a few other ventures.


A woman, who has lost her ability to speak due to childhood trauma, is tasked with collecting the antidote to save the world’s population from a deadly virus.


All filming locations will be in or around Knoxville, TN. One location is in Farragut. We plan to begin filming in late September.


This film contains gun violence. Please make sure you are comfortable with this. Two of the characters below are victims of violence.

This is also a very low budget short film. I am self-funding this with $5,000. If this is a great success, which I know it will be, I will be willing to invest more in another short or a full feature next Spring.