Feature Films

Vivid Videography produces short films and feature films of all genres. In addition to our own films, we will gladly bring your script to life as well.

Wedding Videos

Capture your special day in a special way for a memory to last a lifetime.

Fashion and Lifestyle Videos

The demand for videos for clothing companies, boutiques, lifestyle, short films, and modeling/actor portfolios is quickly growing.


Documentary filmmaking is a rewarding and exciting genre of film. We would love to tell your story in a well-researched and organized way.

Business Promotion Videos

A promotional or branding video can achieve the best ROI of any marketing dollar spent by a small or large business.


Vivid Videography does more than video. Inquire with us today about photographer for any occasion.

Political Ads

Political marketing is all about emotion. What emotions do you want to draw out of your target audience to get them to take action? We can create campaign ads, non-profit ads, and issue-based videos to tell a story that gets results.

Travel Videos

Small businesses often need footage from around the world to accurately tell their brand’s story. Here are a few highlight reels from around the world.


Memories fade. A video is forever. Capture your event in 4K or 6K for to be able to re-experience it for decades. Years from now, you will be so thankful you did.


Take a look at other items in our portfolio.